Air Optix Coloured Contact Lenses

Air Optix Coloured Contact Lenses

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I have been sent some coloured contact lenses to try out. I wear monthly disposable contact lenses anyway and these are the same but come in a range of different colours. I was keen to see what I would look like with different coloured eyes so I went for a bold change. My own eyes are brown so I thought I would try out being blue eyed for a change.

The Air Optix range come in a range of colours including:

Subtle: grey, blue, green, pure hazel, brown

Bold: sterling grey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, honey

 Blue Contact Lense below:


Normal contact lenses (my own brown eyes)


With Blue Air Optix Coloured Contact Lenses


It was really strange having blue eyes but I think the lenses made the whites of my eyes look a lot brighter than normal and it was nice experimenting with different makeup shades. I would love to give the green ones a try now too!

The contact lenses come in a range of prescription and non prescription lenses, so are suitable for everyone. I obviously needed the prescription lenses  and used my normal prescription to order. The prescription lenses I used were monthly disposable and can be kept for up to a month as long as they are removed and cleaned each day and stored in solution overnight (just as with normal monthly disposables.) I did notice them feeling a bit more drying towards the end of the day compared to my normal monthly disposable contact lenses but I think they would be perfect for wear on a night out to get a different look.

Available from Feel Good Contacts.



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