Anti Ageing November: Arbonne RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser and Restorative Day Cream

The next products I am featuring in my Anti Ageing November special come from the company ‘Arbonne’. They have put forward two products to try from their RE9Advanced™ Skincare range: The Smoothing Facial Cleanser and the Restorative Day Cream.

The Arbonne RE9Advanced™ range claims to accelerate the anti-ageing process with visible results in just 24 hours. It contains Vitamin C to provide antioxidant properties and to support collagen synthesis to help restore and maintain a healthy glow.



The Smoothing Facial cleanser is formulated to provide effective smoothing and renewing of the skin surface for soft and supple skin. The cleanser is a mousse/cream consistency and once water is added, it foams up well. I would say it is more like a creamy facial wash though, rather than a cream. It does give skin a really deep clean and my skin looked brighter after use. I found it was a bit harsh for my sensitive skin and left my skin feeling a bit tight after use. However, I do have really dry sensitive skin and I think this would perfect for normal to oilier skin types. After I had toned and applied moisturiser my skin definitely look more glowing and I think with continued use, skin would look brighter. This is a really good product for deep cleansing skin. The cleanser currently retails at £32.


The Arbonne Restorative Day Cream contains high concentrations of advanced moisture-enhancing ingredients to support collagen, and protect and restore skin’s youthful appearance. The moisturiser is a lovely thick consistency which was perfect for my skin type. My skin looked plumped up and youthful after application and when I applied my normal makeup, it provided a great base. It also has a SPF20 which is great for a day moisturiser. I felt like this cream was restoring my skin, as it feels very nourishing and I will continue to use on a daily basis. The day cream retails at £40.


I was really impressed with this range from Arbonne and although I haven’t used their products before, I will be looking at the other products on offer. For more information visit

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