Anti Ageing November: Lacura and launch of the new Lacura BB Cream

We are coming to the end of my Anti Ageing November special, but there are still some really outstanding products left to mention.

This range of beauty products is the ‘Lacura’ range from Aldi. I was really excited to try these products as they have had some amazing write ups in the press recently.

Lacura BB Cream


First up is the new Lacura BB cream which was re-launched on the 21st November as a Specialbuy ( After last year’s success as a Specialbuy). The BB cream as with other BB creams is a mixture of moisturiser with a touch of colour to help conceal imperfections and redness. I chose the medium skin tone as I still have a slight tan from my holiday in October and the shade was perfect. I’d say this product gives a light to medium coverage. It gives bare skin a boost and a bit of a glow. I have been wearing over moisturiser for a double moisture boost ( I have very dry skin at the moment), but I think for those with normal/combination skin types it would be okay to wear on it’s own. It contains a SPF 15 and helps to keep skin looking nourished, fresh and moisturised. The BB cream also comes in a light shade.


The BB Cream currently retails at a purse friendly £4.99, it is also a great idea for a stocking filler with Christmas fast approaching.

Lacura Expert Mimox Regeneration Day and Night Cream


Next from Lacura are these two amazing skincare products. I have been truly astounded at how great this skincare range is. I had expected them to be effective as I have read many articles in the media raving about how good they are, and they weren’t wrong! I have been using the Lacura Expert Mimox Wrinkle Filling Day Cream and the Expert Mimox Regeneration Night Cream. Both products claim to help increase skin elasticity, appearance of skin smoothness and decrease the appearance of wrinkle depth after four weeks use.




Both the day and night cream contain Mimox X which helps prevent skin cell damage and stimulates the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid. The day and night cream leaves the skin feeling nourished and the day cream especially provides a great base for makeup

I have been really impressed with both these skincare products. They have left my skin feeling a lot smoother and the appearance has improved on application, so i’m hoping with continued use it will start to look even better!  Both creams are wonderfully luxurious and if I didn’t know how much they retailed at, I would have thought they were far more expensive than they actually are. They have far outperformed some of the more expensive brands I have used in the past. I can’t believe that they retail at £3.99 each. They are a true beauty steal!!

Lacura Q10 Renew Eye Cream


This eye cream is a nice light consistency for the eye area, it applies really easily and you can tap in to the skin without having to rub as with some eye creams I have used in the past. On application it does improve the appearance of fine lines and softens the look of the eye area. Again I cannot believe the price £2.49, as it is another really good quality product.

Lacura Q10 Renew Multi Intensive Serum


Finally, the Q10 Renew Multi Intensive Serum. This product is said to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines if used regularly and helps promote radiant looking skin. Quite a lot has been written about Aldi’s Lacura Serums (just google it to see!) and for good reason too, as this has definitely helped to improve the look of my skin after application.  I have been using in conjunction with the Expert Mimox Regeneration products (above) and  I feel like it has improved the smoothness of my skin and helped it look more luminous and less lacklustre than before. Amazingly, again it retails at just £3.49 for 50ml.

The products above can all be bought from your local Aldi stores. I cannot stress enough how good I found these products and the prices are amazing. I think I was definitely guilty in the past of thinking quality skincare came at a price and you get what you pay for, but these products have definitely changed my perceptions.

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  1. Good blog. The creams sound excellent. Will definitely be trying these products at this price.

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