Anti Ageing Solutions – Laser Treatments

Anti Ageing Solutions – Laser Treatments



Laser Devices as Anti-Ageing Solutions

It’s a simple fact that everyone gets older. In fact, you are ageing as you’re reading this. We all are. But the subtle changes that take place as we get older aren’t always noticeable as they’re happening. You might just wake up one day and feel like you suddenly developed wrinkles and other signs of ageing over night. If so, it’s time to explore your treatment options, which include everything from lotions and creams to laser procedures.

Lotions and Creams as Solutions to Existing Problems

Some lotions and creams are actually great at delaying signs of aging that your skin would otherwise show. If you use them regularly, it might be years before you develop wrinkles and fine lines. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that they are good for treating skin problems once those issues rear their ugly heads. At that point, if you are really concerned laser treatment is another option you could think about.

Undergoing Treatment with Fractional Photothemolysis Machines

Fractional photothemolysis, also known as Fraxal, is one type of laser treatment you could try. It’s not one of the most commonly thought of treatments, but it does have a proven record of producing great results. Fraxal treatment basically drills tiny columns into your skin in strategic places determined by your trained technician. When those skin cells are damaged or destroyed, the healthy cells around those shafts of damage start making collagen, elastin, and other beneficial materials to fix the damage. That produces stronger skin cells than before.

Other Popular Types of Laser Procedures

Ablative and non-ablative medical lasers are also popular ways to treat a wide variety of skin problems. An ablative laser is one that removes or damages the top layer of skin. Many ablative lasers produce similar results to chemical peels or microdermabrasion because they reveal healthier skin cells under the top layer. The only problem with ablative treatment is it has one of the higher risks of infections after the procedure. So, if you choose that method, you need to follow aftercare instructions carefully.

As you might have guessed, non-ablative laser devices are the opposite of ablative lasers, sort of. They send light and heat down into the skin, having a larger impact on the layers underneath the surface. The surface will remain more or less undamaged. That means that they don’t come with infection risks that are as high, but they also don’t fix skin problems as efficiently or quickly as stronger laser machines might.

Should You Really Have a Laser Treatment?

Those options might seem a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not even sure that any sort of laser treatment is right for you. The only way to be sure is to talk to a specialist and review each choice thoroughly, including non-laser treatment choices. You might find that another form of treatment is better in your case, but the important thing is that you’ll find a treatment. Then you can say good-bye to wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging and hello to a brand new healthier appearance.

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