YOU Beauty Discovery Box – January

This months YOU Beauty Discovery Box is a bit of a skin saviour special, aptly named ‘Detox SOS’ The products have been chosen to help get skin, hair and nails glowing again after the over indulgence of December. A great idea and well needed in my case!


The products I chose for this months box included: Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk and The Organic Pharmacy Purifying Seaweed Clay Mask. The box also included a sachet of Green People Age Defy + 24 Hour Brightening Serum ( I was very excited to try this as I have fallen in love with the Green People Age Defy + Line Eraser Lip & Eye Serum, which I tried in the  October Beauty Box)

There was also a packet of Barbecue Pop Chips, which I ate straightaway, very tasty and my only complaint is the bag wasn’t big enough!


Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk

This cleanser is from the renowned spa brand Thalgo. I have never tried any of their products before and I was keen to try this, not least because it is specifically for sensitive skin and the title alone made me think it would really nurture my skin. The cleanser is designed to sweep away impurities that cause irritation. It contains red algae (all Thalgo products contain marine based ingredients) to improve skin hydration, suppleness, softness and tone and to revitalise the skin.

On first application I was struck by the lovely fragrance and it does feel really gentle to the skin. There is no stinging or redness after use and it is also very gentle on the eye area. I have only used several times so far but I would buy again.  The only criticism I have of this product is, it is a cream cleanser but a very runny consistency and I keep loosing half the bottle every time I dispense on to a cotton wool pad….. it comes out very fast and a pump dispenser might be better.

A full size of the Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk retails at £19.90 and is available from Thalgo


The Organic Pharmacy Purifying Seaweed Clay Mask

From Organic and Homeopathic pharmacy brand The Organic Pharmacy, this mask helps to purify the skin and is suitable for all skin types but especially good for congested skin prone to blackheads and spots. My skin is definitely congested after Christmas, so I looked forward to seeing what this product offered.


The mask is typical of a clay based mask and applies as a cream which then dries on application after about 5-10 minutes. It smells gorgeous, which I didn’t expect with it being seaweed based. My skin felt softer after use and the next day my moisturiser applied really well and my skin definitely looked a lot less dull than the day before! It’s a great mask to use once a week just to give skin a really deep cleanse.

Full size retails at £35 and is available at The Organic Pharmacy



The box also contains a little monthly magazine with information about all the products on offer and there are usually some good discounts in there too. The other little treat was the Green People Age Defy+ Moisturising Serum. I actually thought it was a serum to be used underneath moisturiser but it is indeed a moisturiser in its own right. I also expected it to be a little drying for my skin and I was pleasantly surprised to find it has a very rich consistency making it perfect for my dry skin ( I usually use a serum and moisturiser and sometimes an oil and moisturiser.) I have only used a couple of times (as it’s only a small sachet) so can’t comment on the long-term effects but I was very pleased with my skin after use. The company are also promoting their 28 day skin trial – they promise beautiful skin and real results after 28 days using the Age Defy + range, bold claims and I would be interested to see the results for myself!

So now I am looking forward to next months Valentines themed box and wondering what wonderful treats it might contain!

For more information on these monthly boxes visit YOU Beauty Discovery Box

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