Benefit Brows – The Newbies

Benefit Brows – The Newbies

You’ve no doubt seen the new Benefit Brow collection which was launched last month and has had heaps of publicity now. Brows are big business at the moment and there are so many different products around to enhance brows, there is no excuse for bad brows!

I have been trying to grow fuller brows for the last couple of years as mine were really awful and over plucked. It is has taken at least two years for me to get a shape I am happy with and also made me realise I am never going to have the bushy full brow look I want without the use of some good products.

Benefit has produced a huge collection of products to target specific brow concerns and have also updated the packaging of some of the old favourites. I am a big devotee of ‘Gimme Brow’ for helping to thicken and tidy the look of brows and I have now discovered the ‘Precisely, My Brow Pencil’ which works great in conjunction with ‘Gimme Brow’. I have also tried the Benefit ‘High Brow Pencil’ which has been around for a while, the packaging and formulation has just been updated.


Precisely, My Brow Pencil – Shade 4

This fine dart like shaped pencil is amazing for finer brow types like mine. It allows you to draw tiny strokes to mimic the hair on brows. It is great for a subtle but defined shape and is buildable and blendable depending on what sort of look you are aiming to achieve. The pencil has a spoolie at the end to enable you to blend the pencil perfectly. The colour lasts up to 12 hours and is smudge proof. As I mentioned earlier, it works great together with the Gimme Brow to help achieve a fuller looking brow.

£18.50 – here



High Brow Pencil

There are two shades to choose from and I went with the natural version (the other has a golden tinge ‘Glow Brow’) This pinky natural pencil helps to define brows and lift the eye area.

It is a really creamy pencil which doesn’t drag at all (the formula has been tweaked slightly to help with this.) I apply a couple of dots on the brow bone arch and blend and it just gives eyes/brows a more polished finish. It helps to lift and illuminate the brow and eye area, making eyes looks brighter.

£17.50 – here.





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