Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution

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There seems to be a bit of a buzz around Micellar waters at the moment and I have read several reviews and magazine articles over the last few weeks which made me think I should try one (although  it doesn’t take much to persuade me to buy beauty products!) I received an update via Twitter last week from (a luxury beauty blogzine which you should definitely check out) about an offer on Bioderma Micelle Solution via beauty website I read many of the reviews about the product and decided to try ( there was also 1/3 off French beauty products which helped!)

So what is a Micellar Water?? Basically it’s  a cleanser/toner which contain microscopic oil molecules which help cleanse your skin really thoroughly but are also very gentle. The Bioderma Micelle water is specifically aimed at Sensitive skin which is what attracted me to this brand. It claims to cleanse, remove eye makeup and soothe (it is fragrance free.)

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I have used this product for about a week now and have been very impressed with it. I have used as a cleanser on it’s own and also as a toner after using my normal cleansing cream and this is how I think I will continue to use the product. It is very gentle and I have had no redness/tingling/stinging which I get with some cleansing and toning products. It is also great for removing eye makeup as it is so mild. After use my skin feels really soft and moisturiser goes on really well afterwards. I am always exited to find products which are well suited to dry/sensitive skin and this one definitely fits in to that category.

It is also amazing and horrifying at the same time to see how much grime actually comes off my face even after a thorough cleanse beforehand!

For more information visit Escentual.


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