Bioderma Travel

Bioderma Travel



Bioderma now famous for it’s cult skincare product Micelle Water, has some fab travel size products for holidays including one of my all time favourite micellar solutions. It also handily now comes in a fab formula for dry skin. Hydrabio H20, which is even better for summer when the skin tends to get drier from sun/elements exposure. This product is great for removing makeup and eye makeup really well while still being gentle on sensitive skin and it is also free from parabens. £5.10 here for 100ml.

Bioderma’s tinted sun cream (Photoderm Max) for face is specially suited to sensitive skin and has a SPF 50 which is perfect for protecting the delicate face area. I love that it is tinted too and it is a really great natural golden colour which is what you want on holiday. It gives just enough coverage for use during the day without feeling as though you are caked in makeup. It is also water resistant so won’t run off in the heat and will withstand being splashed by the kids in the pool! £14.50 here.

The Bioderma Atoderm Moisturising stick for lips is perfect for moisturing and soothing dry lips after a day in the sun. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a SPF so you could wear during the day but it is definitely perfect to slick on after and before bed to get a good slick of moisture. It’s a handy stick you can just throw in your bag to apply anytime your lips feel dry. £5.10 here.


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