Red Hot Lips and Nails from No7 & Bourjois

Red Hot Lip and Nail colours from No7 and Bourjois!


I have been looking for the perfect bright red nail polish for a while and today I found it. It’s part of the No7 Gel Shine range, it’s a new shade ‘Pillarbox Red’ and it is the perfect Postbox red shade! This nail colour provides a vivid red colour with just one coat and gives a really glossy finish.



I also wanted a bright red lipcolour for a night out and treated myself to another of the amazing Bourjois Lip Boost’s in Red Sunrise (01)


I have already raved about these beauties in a previous post and they have become one of my favourite lipsticks. Ever since I returned from my holiday I have had really dry lips and these are the only lipsticks that seems to moisturise and soothe them. They also provide fantastic colour which lasts (up to 10 hours), again without drying out the lip area.


These products are a great combination together and I will wear with paired down eye makeup so the lip colour and nails really stand out.

You can buy both products in Boots,  Bourjois Color Boost currently retails at £7.99 and the No7 Gel Shine polish £7.

Check out my other article on No7 Gel Shine Nails:



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