Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again, it seems to come round faster and faster each year. Once again, I have put together a list of some of my favourite Christmas beauty related gifts this year. Hopefully you will get a few ideas and it might make Christmas shopping that little bit easier!

Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum is a blend of ten aromatic essential oils (including Eucalyptus, Lavender, Juniper and Lime) and makes a really luxurious gift. Great for counteracting tension, helping to relax and unwind and also helping to give a good night’s sleep. And, if like me a bath is a rare treat, a luxurious bath oil makes it even more special. I never really buy bath oils but love using them when I have the time and think most women would really appreciate a nice bath oil as a stocking filler. 125 ml £23.50 from Olverum.


Braun Face Cleansing Brush & Mini Epilator

The Braun Face Cleansing Brush and Mini Epilator is a two in one facial device which delivers pore – deep cleansing and also epilation. It is just one hand held device which you can use to remove fine facial hair and the facial cleansing brush can be used for deep cleansing and exfoliation. Used in combination regularly, this device improves the appearance of the skin and enables makeup to go on so much more smoothly. I tried all options with the device. I used the epilator on my upper lip and it wasn’t actually as painful as I thought it would be ( I used the Therapearl mask below, cold to take down any redness after). I tried the cleansing brush (which is meant to be six times better than manual cleansing) with my normal cream cleanser to give my skin a really deep cleanse and my skin did feel so soft and clean afterwards. I wear a lot of makeup and I normally have to at least double cleanse to remove it all, so this saved me the time! My favourite attachment however, was the exfoliator. I am partial to a good exfoliator and this gives amazing results. My skin was smooth and radiant after use. You can also buy replacement brushes to go with the set and this includes an attachment for extra sensitive skin if you need it.

It is the perfect gift to give someone radiant and smooth skin over Christmas. Retails at £69.99 Boots.

Beauty Xmas 2015 020

Beauty Xmas 2015 021

Beauty Xmas 2015 022

Aromatherapy Associates Skin & Body Ritual – This luxury gift is an amazing treat to receive for Christmas. It contains the Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel, the Anti – Ageing Overnight Repair Mask and Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil.

The Polishing Enzyme Peel contains Pineapple and Passionflower to exfoliate, the mask contains strawberry seed extracts to rejuvenate, plump and firm skin overnight. I have used both products several times now. The peel needs to be left on for around 5-10 minutes and then I apply the mask straight afterwards. I don’t always leave on overnight and you still get amazing results when you leave on for shorter periods. I use as a complexion booster before going out. It does literally plump up and revive the skin.The Bath and Shower oil provides an ideal way to relax and rewind  and can be used in the bath or neat to the skin before showering, it is perfect for use after a busy festive season!

All products from Aromatherapy Associates are hand blended using the highest quality essential oils. This set retails at £60 at Aromatherapy Associates.

Beauty Xmas 2015 032

Beauty Xmas 2015 028

Venus Snap with Embrace Gift Pack

If you haven’t already seen this great little razor, it is the first portable razor. Perfect for holidays, gym bags or like some people I know…. keeping in their work drawers. This gift set is a useful little stocking filler and contains the Venus Snap razor and the Embrace shaving gel. The perfect combination for a close shave, The Venus Snap has five blades and a moisture strip, to use simply wet the razor. Perfect for when you are short on time too!

The gift set retails at £9.99 Boots

Beauty Xmas 2015 024

Beauty Xmas 2015 023

Lily Lolo Iconic Eye Collection – This eye collection from Lily Lolo is a great stocking filler for all makeup lovers. It contains everything you need to get a defined eye. The star attraction is the ‘Laid Bare’ eye palette which contains eight really wearable shades ( a mixture of matte and shimmer) to get a natural look or a fierce smoky eye. The gorgeously creamy black eyeliner helps to accentuate the eye area and the mascara gives really glossy black lashes. The great thing about Lily Lolo products is they arrive beautifully packaged and you don’t even need to wrap them!!  £24.99 Lily Lolo.

More Xmas Beauty 2015 001

More Xmas Beauty 2015 002

More Xmas Beauty 2015 006More Xmas Beauty 2015 007More Xmas Beauty 2015 008More Xmas Beauty 2015 009More Xmas Beauty 2015 010

From left to right: Stark Naked (matte – nude pinky beige), Au Naturel (shimmer – pink nude), Skinny Dip (shimmer – golden beige), Shy Away ( shimmer – smoky taupe), Lady Godiva (shimmer – rich gold), Birthday Suit (matte – grey brown), Exhibitionist ( matte – olive brown), Exposed (demi matte – charcoal.)

Champneys Gifts – Nail Polish Collection and Natures Treat Nourishing Collection

More Xmas Beauty 2015 017

The Natures Treat Nourishing Collection from Champneys contains Nourishing Bath Milk, Body Scrub and a Body Butter. These indulgent treats smell amazing, warm almonds, indulgent honey and soft musk. I love Champneys products, especially some of the skincare range and these bodycare products are great too. They are especially good for winter when skin needs a bit of a boost and will help get skin glowing again. They are great stocking fillers. The Natures Treat Nourishing Collection is £20 available at Boots.

More Xmas Beauty 2015 018

More Xmas Beauty 2015 020

Nail Polish Collection – This nail polish collection is a really useful set containing five nail colours and one base/top coat. It contains some great colours a mixture of darks perfect for the Christmas season and also a couple of brights and a neutral. The colours from right to left: Nude, Pink, Wisteria, Plum and Mulberry. The top coat gives them a really glossy look and ensures they last a bit longer. £12 Boots.

More Xmas Beauty 2015 022

Green People Limited Edition Body Care Collection -One of my favourite organic companies have collaborated with the Woodland Trust to create these quirky woodland animal inspired gifts. My favourite is the ‘Fox Bodycare  Collection’ which contains some nourishing treats laced with warming Ginger and uplifting Lemongrass, a really seasonal scent. The set contains a body wash and a body lotion. They are a great little stocking filler and I particularly love the Green People range as the products are so kind to skin and contain no nasties, meaning they are perfect for winter parched skin. Some of the proceeds from the gifts also go to helping the Woodland Trust and ensuring we protect our woods, native tree’s and their wildlife so future generations can continue to enjoy. The sets start at £15.95 and the Fox Collection is £19.95. Available at Green People.

More Xmas Beauty 2015 023

More Xmas Beauty 2015 025

Therapearl Eye-ssential Mask

I absolutely love this new eye mask from Therapearl. It is the first eye mask which can be used hot or cold to treat dry eyes, headaches/sinuses and also puffy eyes. It is made of  pearls and the pearl technology enables it to retain the temperature for up to 20 minutes. At room temperature, it is a gel consistency which moulds perfectly to the contours of the eye/nose area. I have used a lot over the last few weeks as I have been using some new contact lenses which are really irritating my eyes. This has been a godsend at night to help take down the puffiness and stop me itching the eye area. I have also used it after having my eyebrows threaded and waxed as it helps to take the redness down. It is a great little luxury which only takes a little of your time. £7.99 Superdrug.

Beauty Xmas 2015 010

Beauty Xmas 2015 010













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