Christmas Party Beauty

Christmas Party Beauty

This time of year takes it’s toll on skin, hair and nails and it’s also the time when you want to look your best. I have tried a few products over the last couple of weeks which might help you get Christmas party ready and give your skin a bit of boost!

Doll White

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These teeth whitening strips from Doll White are perfect to use in the run up to the Christmas party season. The peroxide free strips promise to brighten your teeth in 14 days. They are really easy to use, you just apply the strips to the upper and lower teeth and leave for 3o minutes each day. I used to apply them every night whilst I was bathing my daughter and by the time I had put her to bed, I could remove the strips so it didn’t inconvenience me at all. I have fairly sensitive teeth and they didn’t irritate my teeth. After two weeks my teeth were definitely brighter. These strips are quite new to the market but they are already gaining a cult following from celebrities. £12.99 from Doll White

Slendertox 14 Day TeaTox

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I was a bit doubtful about the benefits of using these detox teas as I didn’t think they would really have a great effect, having used these kind of products in the past. I was however, really impressed with the ’14 Day Teatox’ package and would definitely use again. The 14 day Teatox package includes 14 days worth of Daytox ( the teabag you use during the day for the duration of the detox) and also includes seven teabags for Sleeptox, these are used every other night for the duration of the detox and seem to have extra strength! Slendertox claim benefits of undertaking the Teatox include colon cleanse, feeling refreshed, increased energy and the promotion of healthy change. I did the 14 Day Teatox for two weeks up to an event. The teabags themselves weren’t unpleasant and just tasted like herbal tea. The teabags contain ingredients such as Valerian root, Hawthorn grain, Sterling Bean, Camelia Seed and Radish Leaf to name a few. The day teabag should be drunk upon rising in the morning and the night version a couple of hours before bed. At the end of the 14 days my skin felt clearer and I felt a lot less bloated and sluggish, and the dress I had bought to wear fitted a lot better than it had done a few weeks before. I will definitely use them before holidays in the future and they are perfect for the Christmas party season, helping you to feel great before a party and also ensuring that your skin doesn’t become congested from everything consumed throughout December. They also do a 28 day version which would be great to carry through until January when you really do feel like rubbish from the over indulgence of the previous month. As with all detox plans, you may want to consult with your GP before embarking on a detox. Available here.

Sequaderma Skin Serum for Ageing and Thinning Skin 

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SEQuaderma is a new range of active dermatology products designed to restore skin health. There are several variations for specific skin concerns and I have tried the serum for ageing/thinning skin. The difference with this serum to normal serums is that is applied to clean skin before any other products and left to dry (which can take up to 10 minutes, but was around a couple of minutes for me) and fully sink in before you can use your normal skincare products, moisturisers etc. The serum is made up of tiny nanospheres that are able to penetrate the skin’s tough outer layer and deliver key ingredients in to the skin tissue. This is the reason the serum has to dry, to create the environment that allows the tiny lipid spheres in the serum to cross the skin. This serum claims to reduce the volume and appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone, smoothness, firmness, elasticity, texture, hydration and a reduction in skin sagging. Perfect to start using now, skin will be radiant and firmer in time for Christmas. I noticed a considerable improvement in my skin and it looked a lot brighter and smoother after using this serum under my normal skincare routine for a couple of weeks. Available for £22.99 Lloyds Chemists

Ultradex Oral Care

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Oral hygiene is a must to ensure your smile is fabulous for all the parties. The Ultradex range is perfect as they actually feed the tooth enamel whilst gently whitening them.

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The SensiShield® technology in UltraDEX (with hydroxyapatite – the key building block of teeth) provides a strong and protective enamel shield and recalcifies tooth surfaces by filling in the microscopic enamel cracks, blocking exposed dental tubules and restoring the natural whiteness of teeth. I used the toothpaste in conjunction with the mouth rinse to get the best possible results and my teeth did look whiter after use. It took a bit of getting used to as the Ultradex toothpaste doesn’t foam like a traditional toothpaste but still gives a really gentle deep clean. The range also contains a breath fresh oral spray which is perfect to keep in your handbag and refresh your breath before heading out. Available at Boots.

Kiss False Eyelashes and Press on Manicure Kit

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Getting ready for Christmas parties wouldn’t be complete without false eyelashes and fabulous nails. The Eyelashes and Press on Manicure kits from Kiss are ideal for this and both amazingly quick to use if dashing from work to a party. The Kiss True Volume False Eyelashes are made from 100% natural hair and are tapered rather than blunt at the end to ensure they blend seamlessly with your own lashes. I tried them myself and unlike other lashes I have used, they don’t look fake and although they add volume, they still look really natural and feel light to wear.

The Kiss imPRESS  Press on Manicure Kit is waterproof and the nails can last up to a week if applied correctly. They are a great way to achieve a polished party look quickly. To apply, select the correct nail size, ensure your own nail is cleansed (using the enclosed pad to clean) and then peel off backing and hold the nail down on your own firmly and it secures like glue with a waterproof seal. For more information visit Kiss.

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift and Eyelift

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These two products from Skin Doctors are amazing to use before going out and also the day after to perk up the skin. The Instant Facelift is known as a ‘facelift in a bottle’ as it lifts, tones and smoothes away wrinkles in five minutes. It also primes skin really well for makeup and leaves a matte canvass to work with. I was worried it might be quite drying as it has a light lotion consistency but although it ‘tightens’ your skin, it doesn’t dry or leave it feeling uncomfortable at all and you can apply your usual moisturiser afterwards.  I have used this product quite a lot recently just to generally freshen and lift my complexion. Retails at £30.60.

More Xmas Beauty 2015 012

The Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift Serum is the same type of product but specifically for the eye area. This aims to smooth away and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness and can last up to eight hours. This liquid is applied and left to dry for a couple of minutes. While it is drying, you are advised to look straight ahead and not make any facial movements so it can take affect. Afterwards it really improves the skin around the eye area and makeup goes on very smoothly and in my case doesn’t collect in the fine lines in the eye area. I also use it to help erase bags under the eyes and puffiness which is a godsend with a six month old baby. Retails at £20.40, both available at Skin Doctors.


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