Cold Weather Skin Solutions

Cold Weather Skin Solutions

My skin always seems to get worse and flare up during the winter months. It becomes really dry and sensitive so I have been trying to take precautions and trying products which will help it over the next few months, these are some of the best I have found:

Seven Seas Perfect 7 for Women and Men

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These new vitamins from Seven Seas have been designed for men and women to help counteract those first signs of ageing and to support the body from the inside. They are perfect for the cold weather and Christmas season when you tend to get run down from rushing around and are a great boost for the skin as they contain Marine Oils. They address many concerns  which differ for men and women. The female version aim to support the skin and nails with Zinc, Hair with Biotin, Energy (fatigue) with Magnesium, Brain with DHA, Vision with Vitamin B2, Heart with EPA &DHA and Hormonal Activity with Vitamin B6. The mens version differ in that they address some different elements such as Muscle and Bones with Vitamin D and Metabolism with Vitamins B6 and B12. They vary from normal supplements in that they contain two tablets, one capsule containing Marine Oils and one tablet containing the other parts of the supplement which you take each day. I have been using for a few weeks and I have noticed a positive difference in my skin, which tends to be really dry when the weather turns cold and also in my energy levels which were seriously low before as my six month year old daughter still wakes regularly throughout the night. Available at Boots.

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AromaWorks – Nourish Day Cream and Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil

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AromaWorks is a British brand based around aromatherapy and holistic therapies.  I was aware of the amazing Aromatherapy candles they make but I had never used their skincare range until now. My local beautician raves about the products as they use them in the salon so I was keen to try. The products are made from 100% pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I tried the Nourish Day Cream and Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil. My skin is awful during the winter. I suffer with dry skin anyway, but it is so much worse during the winter months. The Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil contains Rose, Frankincense and Bergamot. It sinks in to the skin on application without leaving a greasy film. It really plumps up the skin and helps to renew and repair. When used in conjunction with the Nourish Day Cream, it leaves skin looking really healthy and glowing. The Nourish day cream contains Kakadu, Chamomile and Lavender and is really rich whilst still being light to apply. They smell amazing too and really made my skin feel comfortable and well moisturised. I will be using these throughout the winter to ensure my skin stays in tip top condition. The Nourish Day cream retails at £48 and the Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil is £45, both available at AromaWorks.

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Sudocrem may seem like a strange product to include in this post, but it really is a great multi tasking product. I use Sudocrem all the time on my daughter to prevent nappy rash, I use it on my dog Chunky ( a different tube!), to protect the folds on his face as he has really loose wrinkly skin and I use it on my own skin on any dry/chapped patches I get. It is perfect to have around in the winter time to alleviate dryness and prevent chapped skin. When it is especially cold I tend to get chapped areas around the corners of my mouth and I apply a bit of Sudocrem before I go to bed and it has normally healed by the morning. Retails at £2.99 for a 125g tub at Boots.


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