Derma Glo Skin Health Drink

Derma Glo Skin Health Drink

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I have read a lot about skin health supplements and drinks recently, they seem to be the latest way to improve our skins health. I was sent the Derma Glo brand to trial and very happy to try as my skin is taking a bit of a battering at the moment.

Derma Glo makes some bold statements claiming that the benefits of using this drink can equal botox or lasers without the pain or expense! It also promises to reduce the appearance of lines and improve the skins elasticity.

The key ingredients in this daily drink are Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, minerals such as Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc and vitamins A,B,D, E and K.

Best results are seen after drinking one of the 60 ml shots once a day for a month. The drinks themselves aren’t the tastiest beverage I have ever tried… they are kind of fruity with a bit of an aftertaste but they aren’t unpleasant.

I have been using for a couple of weeks now and I think they are actually helping my skin to look better. I haven’t been getting much sleep and probably not looking after my skin as I should be at the moment and I think if I had used these at another time they would have really brightened the appearance of my skin and I would have seen their full benefit, as it is they have a lot to counteract at the moment! That said, skin shots and supplements like this seem to be gaining popularity, with many claiming it is more effective to ingest these ingredients rather than applying as a topical cream, and they are definitely worth a shot!

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Available online, £66 for a months worth of drinks.




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