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I recently did a blog about the wonderful Pinks Boutique Natural and Organic Skincare Products and mentioned the spa where I first discovered the products. This was Eastthorpe Hall at Mirfield and it most certainly needs its own blog, as it is a truly amazing day spa.

Eastthorpe Hall was founded in 1999 as a ‘Boutique’ style day spa. It is a family run establishment and you can tell as all the staff are very friendly and inviting.

I have been to Eastthorpe Hall several times over the past few years and my visits just keep getting better and better. On my most recent visit, I was really ready for my day at the spa. I felt in need of some rejuvenation and pampering as my skin was dull and lacklustre from the long winter and I was just generally in need of a boost. For this reason, I chose the half day ‘Pamper Package’ which included a Pinks Boutique Midi Facial, Pinks Boutique Mini Manicure and a Pinks Boutique Mini Pedicure as well as some other treatments/experiences.

I arrived at the spa full of anticipation and with high expectations after my past visits and I wasn’t to be disappointed! Arrival is at 8.45am and as soon as you ring the doorbell and are ushered in, the wonderful experience begins. My bags were taken away to the changing rooms by one of the lovely therapists and I was ushered in to one of the many beautiful rooms within this house. The emphasis is on comfort and luxury and from the minute you enter the house you are looked after unbelievably well.

A therapist then came through to have a chat with me about my day and go through a lifestyle questionnaire (which we just updated as I have been quite regularly and nothing health wise has changed.) After this I was taken through my plan for the day. Guests are designated with a specific therapist for the duration of the visit and they guide you through the day and take you to the various treatment/relaxation rooms at specific times so that guests don’t have to keep track of time. This is great as you really get the chance to relax and not have to worry about where you are meant to be and keeping your eye on the time!

After the chat with my therapist, I was led through to the changing rooms and it was explained to me that I would be using the pool and sauna areas first, so I changed in to swimwear and collected a robe (use of robes and slippers are complimentary) and towel and was met by my therapist outside the changing rooms. She explained that she would be performing a welcome ritual in the relaxation room before taking me down to the pool area.

Everyone receives a welcome ritual and it is a great introduction to the day ahead. The therapist massages your hands and feet then sprays you with one of the wonderful Pinks Boutique Elixirs. Guests can then use the pool area with Jacuzzi and sauna’s. The great thing about this is it never gets too crowded as the spa only accepts a certain number of guests at any one time ensuring you never have to queue to use any of the facilities. Whilst in the pool/sauna area and throughout your day you can help yourself to the spa’s own ‘Wellness Water’ (They are the only spa in the country to have this system which delivers pure naturally enhanced living water from every tap.)

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After about 30 minutes in this area, my therapist asked if I was ready to go for my facial. After showering, I met my therapist who performed a paraffin hand wax on me, which is great for really dehydrated/dry skin like mine and makes your hands look years younger for a few hours at least!! After this I was taken through for my first treatment and introduced to the therapist who would be performing my facial. The therapist took me through and explained the facial process to me and spoke to me about the Pinks Boutique range as these are the products they use within the spa. She then asked me about my skin and any concerns I had. I told the therapist that I have particularly dry skin but that I was concerned about congestion around my nose area. The therapist suggested the products she would use, mainly concentrating on the Pinks Boutique Ocha range as this is suitable for dry skin types like mine, but she suggested using the Green Clay and Camellia Mask for my nose area as it draws out impurities. After I had confirmed I was happy with this, the facial began. The therapists do not speak to you throughout ( this is great, as there is nothing worse when you are trying to relax than the therapist talking to you about what she is doing and asking questions when all you want to do is just be still and quiet, or is that just me!)

The facial lasts around one hour and during this time the therapist cleansed, exfoliated, applied a mask and gave an amazing shoulder and neck massage before applying products specific to my skin type. It takes a lot for me to truly relax but by the end of this I was starting to dose and trying to stop myself snoring! Throughout the facial, the lights are dimmed and there is wonderfully relaxing music playing in the background. When the facial is over, the therapist brought me a glass of ‘wellness water’ and gave me time to get dressed and come round. When I looked in the mirror even though my hair was a bit wild and full of oil, as is always the case, my skin really did look glowing ( and continued to do so for a few days after) which I can only put down to the skills of the therapist and the great products they use.

Next stop was ‘Mid-Morning Refreshment’. I haven’t mentioned the food up to now, but let me tell you that the food is to die for…. and another reason I have visited so frequently! Mid-morning refreshment consists of a croissant with conserves and the most delicious non-alcoholic cocktail you have ever tasted, a mixture of orange juice with a kick to it, I keep trying to guess what it contains, and all I have come up with so far is …ginger, but maybe it’s just their own secret ingredient?

The spa has its own award winning cuisine made by their in house chef Granville Graham and I will tell you more about that later.

After the well-earned refreshment break I was taken through by my therapist to start with my other treatments. The Pinks Boutique Organic Mini Manicure and Pedicure. I was seated in a large comfy padded chair and the therapist asked if I would like an eye mask on so that I could lay back and relax while I was being pampered. This really enhanced the experience as I just relaxed whilst she exfoliated, filed, massaged using a selection of products from Pinks Boutique (again the products used were fabulous and I did buy a selection before I left to try myself. I am particularly enamoured with the hand balm which is perfect for my very dry hands) and finished with an Essie nail polish I had chosen before the manicure and pedicure started. They have a great choice of colours to choose from and all are from the well-known Essie brand. Again, I was nearly asleep by the end of these treatments and it was great when I took off my eye mask to see my hands and feet looking groomed and polished to perfection.

After this treatment I had a little time to kill, so I went through to one of the many rooms you can sit and relax in, made myself a cup of tea (there are facilities to help yourself to teas/coffees and wellness water) and had a look through the magazines on offer whilst anticipating what lunch would have to offer.

Lunch – words can’t describe how tasty the food is. Once lunch is served the therapists take you through to the dining room (if the weather is good, you can sometimes eat in the lovely grounds outside) and Granville the Chef comes out and talks through all the dishes on offer. If you have any special dietary requirements, they will ensure they make special dishes for you to meet your requirements. All the food is made using organic and the finest locally sourced ingredients and on my visit included the most wonderful salads, Thai chicken, goats’ cheese tart and many other amazing dishes. After lunch was over I spent a little time in the relaxation room enjoying my final few minutes of peace before heading home, but not before the therapist performed the departure ceremony a little similar to the arrival one, but using different elixirs.

mirfield spa-00039.jpg CUSTOMER CARE BRITISH SPA AWARDS 2009

Before I left I did treat myself to a couple of the Pinks Boutique ‘Try Me Kits’, there is no hard sell at the spa and the products are available if you would like to buy them with staff on hand to offer assistance if you are unsure about what you should get. Once again it was a truly relaxing day and I left feeling revived and brighter than when I arrived. I shall be back again before the year is out!

For more information on Eastthorpe Hall visit http://www.eastthorpe.co.uk/about-us/ and on Pinks Boutique luxury Organic Skincare visit http://www.pinksboutique.com/



  1. I too have visited Eastthorpe Hall and as you have stated it is amazing and yes the food is fab. It’s a small and friendly spa and beats its much larger rivals in the surrounding area.

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