Face D 3 – Luronics Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Masks

Face D 3 – Luronics Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Masks

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These Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Masks from Face D 3 – Luronics couldn’t have come at a better time… I literally have had no sleep for the past three weeks (due to new baby!) and have been looking for anything which would make me look a bit less sleep deprived and brighten my skin!

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The eye masks promise an immediate reduction of bags after one application and to smooth and brighten tired eyes which is just what I needed.

The masks contain green tea, ginko biloba, aloe, chamomile and camelia, all fairly gentle ingredients suitable for the delicate eye area.  The pack contains eight masks and claim to reduce bags by 25.5% if used twice a week for a month.


I have used the masks twice now and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. The masks are applied to the under eye area and left for 2o minutes to work their magic. They instantly soothed my eye area on application and contain a cooling gel like substance. I used in conjunction with another face mask I am trialling (hence the picture below.) After I removed the eye masks my eye area did look a lot brighter and the puffiness had gone. My skin also felt a lot more comfortable as it had felt very dry and tight before use. I haven’t used for the full month yet so I can’t comment on the claims above, however I was really impressed with the results after a couple of uses and they are perfect to use to perk up the eye area before a big event or in my case just help me look human again!

They retail at £7.99 for eight exclusively at Lloyds Pharmacy.






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