Lacura Face Treatment Oils

Some new exciting products from the Aldi Lacura range were launched on 23rd February…  face treatment oils.



Two luxurious Face Treatment Oils, designed to pamper the skin, were added to Aldi’s Lacura Beauty range on Sunday 23rd February.  The special care oils are available in dry and sensitive skin variations and help to improve suppleness. The dry skin formula is enriched with Macadamia Nut and Argan Oil and the sensitive skin formula contains Baobab Oil and Pomegranate Kernel Oil to sooth skin – perfect after a cold February day!

I was really impressed with the other products I tried last year in the Lacura range for my ‘Anti Ageing November Special‘ so I expected these facial oils to be good too.


I was really happy to try these oils as my skin is so dry in the winter that it really benefits from the use of a facial oil underneath moisturiser. I tried both facial oils, and I especially like the oil for sensitive skin ( I think it is because my skin is slightly sensitive at the moment), it really soothed my skin and made it soft and radiant without being greasy (sometimes a side effect with some brands of facial oils.) The oils really complement the rest of the Lacura skin products really well and are a great addition to the range.


I can’t believe how good value these facial oils are, at £3.99 each they are an affordable skin treat for everyone.

The Lacura Face Treatment Oils are available from the 23rd February in Aldi stores nationwide.



  1. I bought some lacura sensitive skin oil from aldi it was excellent for my face th only product that has worked .i have rosacea but when i went for some more it was all gone .I have been onto customer services at aldi but without the code they were unable to help.Hope that you may be able to point mein the right direction.
    regards Ray Safhill

  2. Yes I love this oil too but sadly no longer on shelves in my local Aldington I’ve had to buy it from eBay with postal

    Yes I love this oil too for sensitive skin but it was only on special offer for short time and is no longer in store I’ve had to order it from eBay which costs a bit more with post and packaging Looked on Amazon and they were charging 20 POUNDS A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE I would be grateful for any advice as I love this product

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