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I have tried quite a few different skin primers over the last few months to to find one that’s right for my skin. I have found many of them to be too matte and drying for my very dry skin type. I only blog about the products I have tried and really liked and this primer well, what can I say….. Amazing!

I had heard lots of great reviews about this product and was keen to try. I wasn’t the only one… I literally had to queue at the Laura Mercier counter in Selfridges at The Trafford Centre in Manchester and many of the other customers were also purchasing a primer.

This primer is pretty much the same as others application wise, use after moisturising and before foundation (although you can also use without moisturiser as with most primers if you have oilier skin.)

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Texture of the product is like a creamy gel and it also has shimmery particles hence the title of ‘Radiance’.  It feels very moisturising when you apply (great for dry skin) and literally makes your face glow.

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After I had applied my normal day makeup, I was really impressed with the results. My skin didn’t look too matte or too shiny, and still felt soft without becoming tight as I have experienced with other primers in the past. On the whole I felt it really ‘perked’ up my complexion and made me look as though I had about 10 hours sleep ( instead of  5!!)

The ultimate test however, wasn’t something I had planned, but it worked out pretty well – I had booked on to a ‘Body Attack’ class at the Gym in the evening and normally after these classes my makeup has completely disappeared by the time I get home. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see my makeup was still on and actually I looked quite normal not like the red faced creature that normally greets me in the mirror after one of those classes. So there it is, this primer also withstands the ‘Body Attack’ test. All in all a great product which really does prime the skin and keep makeup looking fresh all day and night ( if you want it to!)

After trying and loving this Primer, I am now tempted to give one of their foundations a go ( and I have been loyal to my favourite foundation for a good few years…. watch this space.)

The primer also comes in other formulas including ‘Mineral’ and ‘Oil Free’. It retails at £28  for 50ml at Selfridges.

For more information visit a Laura Mercier counter, or


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