Lipstick Update!

I did a quick post last week about the presents I received for my birthday and I promised I would do a more detailed post on the lipsticks with colour swatches. So here it is!

lipstick photos 001

lipstick photos 006


lipstick photos 002

Models Own Colour Lip Stix

First up, this new crayon like lipstick from Models Own. I love the shade but I couldn’t tell you what it is as it doesn’t say anywhere what colour/number it is. I may have ripped this off when I took the plastic packaging off! I love crayon like lipsticks for their ease of application and this is no different. It is a matte finish and lasts pretty well too as it is quite pigmented and not at all like the sheer ‘chubby sticks’ I have become accustomed to. The colour is a deep fuchsia red ( see swatch further down).


lipstick photos 003

Lancôme – Rouge In Love – Pink Bonbon

A beautiful bright sugary pink colour which is matte whilst still feeling light and comfortable on lips, it really does live up to the ‘featherlight’ description it has. The Rouge in Love colour is highly pigmented and promises a 6 hour wear. It does last very well too and I don’t think I had to reapply at all until late afternoon ( bear in mind I probably applied it about 7am!) I am going to love using this colour whilst on holiday as I think it will really pack a punch when worn with a bit of a tan! I have to mention the gorgeous luxe packaging too, which Lancôme is synonymous for… another one I love getting out to re-apply!

lipstick photos 004

Topshop Velvet Finish Lipstick – Infrared

Finally, the bright orange ‘Infrared’ from Topshop. This is one I have been coveting for a while, and it doesn’t disappoint now I have got my hands on it. It is the same semi – matte formulation as the other Velvet Finish lipsticks from Topshop but has a bit of a cream feel to it, basically it is still quite comfortable to wear even though it is nearly matte. The colour is amazing, it is the perfect shade of orange without being too garish.

lipstick photos 005

Swatches from Left to Right: Models Own, Lancôme Pink Bonbon and Topshop Infrared.

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