MayBeauty Face Mask

MayBeauty Face Mask

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I recently tried ‘The Incredible Face Mask’ from MayBeauty. The Facemask promises to remove blackheads, improve acne, remove dead skin and impurities and generally clean up the skin, thus improving the appearance.

It is a mud based mask with the main ingredient being deep-sea mud and once dry, peels off. The mask should not be applied over eyebrows as it can remove them – take heed of this warning, you will understand why further in to my post!


When applying the mask it is a bit like a tar consistency and very gloopy. I ended up with it all over my white dressing gown but it did come out in the wash. Once applied it does sting slightly, however I expected this as the instructions said it may and I also have quite sensitive skin. Once applied I left on for around 30 minutes (they recommend 30 – 45 minutes.) It was dry after 30 minutes so I began the peel off process. This was the part I didn’t expect…. it hurts! It pulls the skin and feels like you are removing the top layer, so I can see why they warn you to be careful with your eyebrows, as it would most likely remove them too! Once removed my skin looked considerably brighter and rejuvenated, as it really does remove all the rubbish on the skin’s surface. It is worth the few seconds of pain.

I think it would be particularly suited to an oilier/acne/ spot prone skin ideally. However, I would use maybe once a month to give my dry/sensitive skin a boost. I also loved how smooth my skin was afterwards and my makeup definitely went on a lot better than normal.

The Tester package (contains 5 masks, application brush and guide) retails at £19 but Mybeautyjournal readers can get 30% discount on this price using this link.




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