Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover

Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover

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I was really excited to try this new eye makeup remover from Nivea. I wear a lot of eye makeup, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and mascara most days and I do struggle to remove it all on an evening. Even when I think I have removed it all, I normally wake up with a smudgy black ring around my eyes in the morning.

This new ‘Double Effect’ eye makeup remover from Nivea has a gentle bi phase formula (which should be shaken before application.) The blue solution at the top  is the ‘oil phase’ and has been designed to remove waterproof mascara and eye makeup without irritating the sensitive eye area. The clear solution is the ‘aqueous phase’ and this is formulated to protect and care for the lashes and soothe the eye area without leaving an oily residue.

I found this remover to be highly effective at removing my eye makeup and I didn’t have to use as much solution as I normally do with other formulas. What I also like about this particular formula is it doesn’t leave the eye area feeling too greasy. As a contact lense wearer, I tend to stay away from oil based formulas as they leave an oily residue on the lense. This didn’t happen with the Nivea eye makeup remover and it didn’t irritate or sting the eye area either.

Retails at £3.89 in Boots.


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