Palmers Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion – Coconut Rich

Palmers Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion – Coconut Rich

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This new spray on moisturiser from Palmers is great for summer. It provides skin with a quick moisture hit and is fast absorbing and non staining whilst still being really moisturising.

The nozzle applicator sprays a fine mist across the skin and then you rub in as you would any normal moisturiser. It sinks in really easily (as a result of the RapidSorb Technology) and is perfect for use when you are short of time.

I was a bit wary about it as I thought it wouldn’t be as good as my normal body moisturiser but it proved me wrong. It contains Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil and smells gorgeous, really summery and tropical. On application it leaves skin feeling softer and looking glowing. It is perfect during the summer for giving legs a bit of a glow if you are wearing a dress, it doesn’t contain any shimmer but leaves a light glow like appearance once applied (it doesn’t stain at all though, and I have tested by getting dressed straight away after application.)

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I didn’t think I would be that bothered about this product but I have found the ease and quickness of application to be a godsend at the moment. I also use it throughout the day to improve the appearance of my skin if I am wearing shorts or a dress. It is also great for holidays and would be perfect for use after a day in the sun to give tanned skin a moisture boost and added glow.

Available at Boots for £4.99






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