PMD – Personal Microderm Device

PMD – Personal Microderm Device

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I have had several courses of micro-dermabrasion in the past and always been really pleased with the results. I was contacted to see whether I would like to try a hand held microdermabrasion device (PMD) to be used at home and obviously I was keen to try and see whether the results were as good as a salon based treatment. The PMD works as all microdermabrasion does by exfoliating the outer layer of skin using different  aluminium oxide crystal discs. When the top layer of skin is removed, skin can absorb creams and lotions a lot more effectively so it helps your skincare products work better and your skin look better!

The PMD kit arrived with the device, a number of heads which are colour coded to show the abrasion type, i.e white sensitive skin and also a user manual and DVD. I read through the manual, watched the enclosed DVD and then watched a load of videos on You Tube, some helpful and some really made me nervous about using the PMD, after seeing some of the ‘so called’ after affects it!  Both the manual and DVD do reiterate that you should start off using the white disc head for ultra sensitive skin ( it even comes with that one on ready to use.) There are other colours, grey –  very sensitive skin, blue – sensitive skin and green – medium strength abrasion. There are also two different sizes of discs, small for use on the face and a medium sized disc to use on the body. I tested the PMD on  the back of my hand and neck area before using as instructed to see how my skin reacted. I left it 24 hours to check how my skin reacted and as there was no problems I used the PMD for the first time.

Skin must be throuroughly cleansed before use and it must be completely dry before using the device to  get the best results.  The skin needs to be held really taught when using the device. The idea is to glide the head over the skin without sucking up the skin and the manual reiterates that you shouldn’t go over an area of skin more than twice. I adhered to these guidelines and after use although my skin felt as though it had been exfoliated (not uncomfortably so) there was no redness. I applied a mild toner and moisturiser after and my skin was absolutely fine the next morning. I have used the PMD once a week for the last month or so now and have graduated on to the grey head which is slightly more abrasive and I have had no adverse affects. My skin looks smoother and better without makeup now. It is a great little device to use at home and I think as long as you use the PMD properly and follow the guidelines, it is a great bit of kit. I also love that you can achieve pretty much the same results from the comfort of your home and I am more likely to keep up to it on a regular basis when I am not paying per treatment. The PMD is quite pricey initially, retailing at £150. However, If you think that one salon treatment is normally around £40 and they do recommend a course of four treatments to see the benefits, the PMD is equivalent to the cost of those four treatments but you can go on using it for far longer.

The PMD is available to buy here.

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