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 image I recently bought a lovely bracelet from handmade jewellery/accessories company ‘Prairie Charms’ as part of a blogger collaboration. They have some really great jewellery and  hair accessories and they also very generously give 10% of all profit proceeds to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity and the, ‘Kiss it Better Campaign,’ which provides funding to pioneering, world-class treatment for complex medical conditions including paediatric cancers.  As part of their re-launch they are offering readers of this blog  a massive 35% off purchase’s… so you really do have a good excuse for shopping today.

I bought the ‘Millie Wrap Bracelet’ in Natural ( this bracelet comes in a variety of shades). I loved the wrap style for summer and it looks great with my new denim dress!


The bracelet arrived wrapped in gorgeous pink tissue, it was like getting gifts for my birthday all over again ( its the packaging thing…again.) The bracelet is a wraparound rope style bracelet with three little silver charms on it. image



 I have worn this bracelet loads over the last few weeks as it is very versatile and has a real holiday feel to it. Prairie Charms also have some lovely hair accessories and I have my eye on a couple of their headbands!  Check out their website and take advantage of the special offer below.

This blog series is brought to you by UK based handmade company Prairie Charms For 35% off please enter ‘JEWELS35’ at checkout.

As part of this blog and to celebrate Prairie Charms new jewellery collection and launch their new website I have been asked to write about my jewellery style and answer some questions on my own jewellery collection.
1) Describe your jewellery style in three words
Eclectic, haphazard and simple!
2) What was the first bit of jewellery you ever purchased.(If you purchased it yourself, why did it stand out to you, and if you got it as a gift what was it for?)
 I remember buying a pink beaded bracelet when I was younger from ‘Tammy Girl’! It was the first time I had been shopping with friends on my own and I was so excited to be buying something myself, and really loved carrying around the bag it was wrapped in and then showing it to my mum when I got home.

3) What is your most meaningful piece of jewellery?
I have a necklace that I got for my 18th birthday from my parents and also my engagement ring.
4) What is your jewellery style or do you own an eclectic mix?
 I don’t have a style as such, I like to accessorise clothes with jewellery and I think I have more of  a ‘hippy’ style during the summer months, whereas in Winter I’m more likely to wear a chunky cuff.
5) What is your favourite type of jewellery? (Rings, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or something else?) and is there a type of jewellery that you’ve never got along with?
 Bracelet – I always like to have something on my wrist or I feel bare.
6) Whos jewellery box would you love to raid? (It could be a celebrity, a friends, or somebody from your own family) and why?
 I would love to raid a member of the Royal Family’s jewellery box, just so I could try on a wonderful bejewelled tiara.
 7) Silver or gold? Are you somebody that despises the other or will you settle for a wide variety of colours.
I was always a silver girl until the past couple of years and now I wear both but I prefer a bronze gold rather than a ‘bright’ coloured gold. I also mix them together now and I wouldn’t have done that a few years ago
8) How do you store your jewellery? Do you put it in a jewelry box or have it displayed for the world to see?
I always used to have my jewellery out on show on various jewellery holders but they started to take over my room, so I now store them in a storage box. This helps keep them dust free too…very practical!!
9) Do you own any heirloom jewelry? If so, what is it and from whom?
I don’t own any heirloom jewellery now. I did used to have various gold medallions and coins which had been passed on to me from my grandma but I sold them and used the money towards my wedding ring as I wanted to get some use out of the jewellery rather than just keep something I wouldn’t ever wear. I have a couple of old rings from great aunts which have been passed down to me which I have kept and will pass on.

10) Who are your favourite jewellery brands and which piece of jewellery are you looking to add to your collection next?
I buy a lot of my jewellery from Monsoon/Accessorize and Topshop, but I also like to buy from little shops/boutiques which sell things that you don’t see anywhere else. I am coveting some statement silver earrings at the moment and that will probably be my next purchase! Long term I would love a platinum eternity band but that will be a while off yet!!
Check out the gorgeous range of jewellery/hair accessories at and take advantage of their special offer of 35% discount (see code above)
If you would like to take part in further episodes of this blog series e-mail or tweet @Prairie_Charms
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