Purepotions Skin Salvation Range

Purepotions Skin Salvation Range


With the weather changing and starting to really cool down now I always notice my skin getting a lot tighter and drier at this time of year. I was really pleased to try out this award winning range from Purepotions developed by a mum for her daughter after searching for a cure for her dry and allergy prone skin. The range recently won an award from Natural Health Beauty International for Best Eczema Range 2017.

All the oils and salves are 100% natural, made from raw ingredients with no added perfumes or preservatives, and no parabens, petrochemicals, etc. Their creams, which do require effective preservatives, only use those that are derived from 100% biodegradable raw materials, making them at least 99% natural. The products are perfect for dry sensitive skin types and those who suffer with eczema. I have been using the moisturising cream (£13.99)on my body and the facial oil (£22) and the formula’s are very soothing and have stopped my skin feeling itchy and uncomfortable. I have also used the bath emollient (£12.99) and intensive moisturising ointment (£7.99) on my daughter who suffers from eczema which tends to worsen during the winter months. The ointment has been great at clearing up dry itchy patches on the inside of her arms and tops of legs.

This is a great range for drier skin types and those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions/ eczema, it is also suitable to use on babies. Available here.


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