Rodial Brazilian Tan – Clear

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I recently got a sample of the Rodial Brazilian Tan in Clear via the latest issue of Elle magazine. I always associate the brand Rodial with luxury skincare products, so was really exited to try this and I am so glad I bought the magazine, as I absolutely LOVE this self tan.

The first thing you notice when you use this product is the gorgeous coconut fragrance, probably the nicest fragrance I have had from a self tanning product.

The product itself has a gel like consistency and is not tinted although it does look tinted on the picture below. Once applied to the skin however, you can’t see the product ( I am not a big fan of tinted self tanners) so this was perfect for me. The self tanner goes on very smoothly and feels very moisturising, it doesn’t dry out the skin like some self tanners I’ve used in the past so is also perfect for use on the face. Rodial advise that if you apply once a week, it will build up a ‘subtle sunkissed glow’ however, I used a couple of times a week and it has given me a medium tan colour which is perfect for me.

Once applied it dries really quickly, so you can get dressed straightaway. I really like the colour I achieved with this product, I felt it was a bit stronger than my normal  gradual self tanning product but not too orangey and it was really good for my dry skin. If you want a deeper colour, they also do another version; Rodial Brazilian Tan – Dark and the same if you want a lighter product Rodial Brazilian Tan – Light, which is for lighter skin tones. So really, the version in ‘Clear’ is the colour in between!

Rodial Brazilian Tan – Clear contains Pomegranate ellagic tannins to improve skin tone and smoothness which is an added bonus! I think the only thing I didn’t really like about this product was the packaging as I felt it was a bit plain, but that could be because I associate Rodial with the shiny glam packaging of the ‘Glamtox’ range.

All in all though, a fabulous product which I am adding to my ever lengthening ‘must have’ list!


Non tinted self tanning gel

Normally retails at £35 for 150ml on but currently have on offer on and selling for £27 ( don’t know how long this offer will last.)


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