Skin Doctors- Hair No More and Ingrow Go!

Skin Doctors- Hair No More and Ingrow Go!


Both these products couldn’t have come at better time with the holiday season upon us. I have used Skin Doctors products before ( the concept behind the brand is to  bridge the gap between traditional cosmetics and cosmetic surgery by offering professional strength, scientifically based skincare treatments), and I’ve always been impressed with the results.

The Skincare ‘Hair No More’ is a hair removal pack and The Ingrow Go is a great product for preventing and reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Ingrow Go

I used this lotion before using the hair removal kit above, maybe a couple of days before. It does contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) so be sure to do a patch test 24 hours before use. I did this and had no problems at all. The Ingrow Go is basically a powerful exfoliator which sloughs away dead skin allowing the ingrown hair to pop out at the surface so it can be easily removed and doesn’t leave a horrible bump. You can use anywhere including the face, just make sure you use sunscreen on any areas which may be exposed to the sun as AHA’s can increase sensitivity to the sun. I have used several times and it has definitely reduced the number of ingrown hairs I’ve had – its really easy to use too, you just wipe on to the area like a toner. Currently £8.54 Boots.

Hair No More

‘Hair No More’ is a hair removal pack containing 1 Hair No More Inhibitor Spray and 2 tubes of the Hair Removal Cream and a spatula. Unlike other depilatory creams, this is designed to remove hair but to also inhibit regrowth over time afterwards.  Again, you have to do a patch test 24 hours before and then if there is no problem, you just apply the hair removal cream to the area you want to do and leave on for the recommended time (this differs between face and body and is on the instructions.) After the cream has been removed, the inhibitor spray can be sprayed on to the skin to help reduce hair growth. Initially the spray should be used daily for the first week and then twice weekly after that to main the hair retarding action. I have only used for the past week so can’t comment on the spray yet but will keep you updated. £12.95 for the pack All Beauty, Inhibitor Spray on it’s own also available for £8.15 at All Beauty.


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