Skin Yoga

Skin Yoga


Skin Yoga is a new vegan skincare range from India, the range is 100% natural and is fragrance, preservative, paraben and cruelty free. Like Yoga the products are designed in accordance with the principles of harmony and balance. The products are completely dry to ensure that the ingredients are in the most active state and are activated using water when you are ready to use them.

I tried a couple of products in the range, the Coffee Scrub and the Almond Orange Face Scrub.

The Coffee Scrub £32 promises to zap stubborn cellulite and stretch marks with its high caffeine content. The scrub itself contains ground coffee, pressed coconut oil and sesame oil. The oils in the scrub help to nourish and fight dryness. Using the scrub is  like applying coffee granules to the skin and when you add the water it is literally like washing in lukewarm coffee which is great if you love the aroma of coffee. The scrub feels amazing on the skin and if you like to feel as though you have been ‘scrubbed’ then you will love this. If you can get over the mess in the shower after use…. then you will enjoy using this scrub.

The Almond Orange Face Scrub £24 contains almond meal, dried orange peel, chickpea flour and organic turmeric. To use, mix around half a teaspoon of the scrub in your hand with water to make a paste (similar to Dermalogica Microfoliant) and massage in to your skin. The scrub gives a mild exfoliation and helps to hydrate the skin. It is a nice gentle scrub which you could use every day really to brighten your skin. All the ingredients are natural so they don’t irritate the skin. If you like natural skincare, then this range is definitely one to watch.


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