Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

I have been trialling this new teeth whitening kit from Smilelab for the last couple of weeks.

My teeth were in really good need of a bit of whitening as I do drink quite a bit of coffee and haven’t used anything ¬†(apart from toothpaste 😂) on them for a couple of years now. The¬†strips are very gentle, I have sensitive gums and didn’t have any reaction to these, although obviously you would need to read all the instructions before using.

They are really easy to use and the set contains 14 individual pouches containing a strip for the top and bottom set of teeth. You literally peel the strips off containing the whitening gel and apply to the teeth and leave for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you just need to brush off the residue and you are good to go….. it’s that easy.

I applied every morning while I was putting my makeup on so it didn’t interfere with my day as such. The results after two weeks are good, obviously not the same as a professional whitening treatment at the dentists but they have definitely improved and brightened the colour of my teeth.

I have taken a horribly wonky toothed before picture below to show the colour before using the strips and then an after pic to show the results. This kit is a great quick and easy way to brighten and whiten teeth…. perfect if you have a special occasion coming up.

Smile lab is available here.







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