St Moriz Velvet Finish Tanning Gel

St Moriz Velvet Finish Tanning Gel


This is the first time I’ve tried the St Moriz range of self tanners but I’ve heard good things about the range, so I was keen to try this new gel formula out.

I used to use the Clarins Self Tanning Gel (before they replaced with the tinted version) all the time maybe 10 years or so ago and I remember really loving the texture and results so I was hoping this might be similar. This particular formula promises a moisture rich skin smoothing formula that is perfect for skins that need an extra moisture boost which is just right for me! I have a slightly faded tan left over from my holiday in August so I was expecting a subtle result rather than a deep colour but I was really pleased with the results.


The formula itself is very easy to apply and just glides on to the skin. It is a clear gel rather than a tinted formula so it is worth putting moisturiser on to knees, elbows and any dry patches just to ensure no colour clings to these area and goes patchy. It did leave my skin feeling really smooth and moisturised afterwards. I applied before bed and woke up to a really even colour and the colour was slightly deeper than I expected but in a good way. It definitely revived my summer tan and left my skin glowing. It has lasted really well too and has only just started going patchy (partly my fault due to lack of exfoliation recently ….. regime tends to slide in the winter months!)  two weeks after first applying.

I can’t believe the price either £7.99 here, it definitely gives some of my more expensive brands a run for their money !




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