Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer Beauty Must Haves

With summer upon us now, I have put together a list of some of my current favourite products which I have been using recently, most of them to achieve some sort of glow over the summer months.

Perfectil plus Pro Tan


I use the Perfectil skin supplements throughout the year to give my hair and skin a boost and I have been using their Perfectil Pro Tan over the last month which contains copper to contribute to normal skin pigmentation. They still contain all the usual micronutrients to provide support to skin, hair and nail health including Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc to name a few. To get the best from the supplement, they recommend you use for a month (2 tablets per day) before going on holiday and ideally for three months when you return. I have used them several times in the past and I think they help you hold on to your tan a bit longer than normal and I always feel that my skin feels a bit brighter after using these supplements for a while. They don’t provide a UV protection factor so you will still need to apply suncream to protect your skin too. £34.95 for 60 tablets at Vitabiotics.

Green People Edelweiss Sun Lotion – Natural Tan Accelerator – SPF15


Continuing with my theme of trying to get as much sun as safely as possible in our own British version of the ‘summer’ I have been using this sun cream from Green People, which contains carob to help speed up the tanning process (by up to 25%) whilst still protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays. It also promises to reduce the tan fading rate by almost 50% ( I can’t yet vouch for this as I haven’t yet achieved any sort of colour). I am planning on using this when I go away for a few days next week so will update the results. Green people products are amazing for those with sensitive skin and this product contains nourishing ingredients such as Avocado, Aloe Vera and Green Tea which will also improve the appearance of skin. I also love that Green People donate 10% of their net profit to charity, so not only are you helping your skin, you are helping to give a bit back too. £20 for 200ml at Green People.

Sunkissed Luxury Bronze Professional Range


Self tan is a necessity this summer and Sunkissed have just launched their Luxury Bronze Professional Range. I love this new ‘once a week’ tan. This skin smoothing tinted mousse has been formulated to last  seven days and it does last really well and never becomes patchy like others I have used in the past. It contains a Vitatone complex to help improve the smoothness and tone of the skin, it certainly improves the appearance. I love the colour too, the medium shade is perfect as it isn’t too obviously dark but isn’t too light either which is what I find with many self tans. It is tinted and applies as a light tan shade but deepens after a few hours. £8.49 Superdrug.

Dentek Floss Picks


The Dentek floss picks are a recent discovery and I love the handy travel pack they have put together. I use floss a lot to help reduce tooth decay and these packs of floss picks are really handy as you don’t have to mess around with a role of floss. I have been using the whitening ones above to help with staining and I have also got the travel pack below for an upcoming trip. The travel pack contains 2 travel cases each containing 6 floss picks which are handy enough to throw in your bag or hand luggage. They are perfect for flossing on the go and ensuring you don’t have loads of food stuck in your teeth….never a good look. Dentek Travel Case and Floss Picks £2.99 Boots.




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