Summer Special: Bodycare Part 2

Summer Special: Bodycare Part 2


This is the second part of my Summer Bodycare special and there are some more great products aimed at prepping and polishing the body specifically for the summer months.

Kerstin Florian Multi – Vitamin Firming Crème


This triple action body moisturiser from spa brand Kerstin Florian brightens, firms and nourishes the skin in one go. It contains a mixture of botanicals and fruit acids to brighten, nutrient rich algae extracts firm and tone and shea butter helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. It is a fantastic anti – ageing product for the body as it actually brightens dull skin, perfect for when you want to prepare your skin for holidays. I have been using for around three weeks now and it has helped to improve the appearance of my skin, it doesn’t look as dry and flaky as it previously did and definitely looks healthier. On top of all those factors, it smells absolutely divine, really fresh and fruity… perfect for summer!

RRP £47 from Kerstin Florian

Palmolive Shower Gel


These Thermal Spa shower gels from trusted brand Palmolive are perfect for holidays as they contain  revitalising minerals to help improve the appearance of skin. The Thermal Massage shower gel is my favourite as it contains gentle exfoliating particles which help remove dead skin, particularly important in the summer when you want your skin to look bright and even toned. This is great as it is not too abrasive, whilst still brightening the appearance of the skin. Both formulations smell really refreshing as they are marine mineral based.

RRP £2.49 and available at Tesco.

Lotil Original Cream

Lotil Original Cream is a really rich hydrating moisturiser which can be used all over the body to help soothe dry skin. It is also great for shaving rash, sunburn, calming spots and is suitable for eczema and psotiasis sufferers, a perfect multi-tasker for use on holidays and over the summer. I have been using Lotil on my feet as they are still very dry from the winter months. I have used this rich moisturiser regularly after using a foot scrub to help revive them. I literally douse then in this cream and it really improves their appearance. RRP £5.66 from independent pharmacies.



St Ives Invigorating Body Scrub



This invigorating body scrub from St Ives is a great grainy scrub for smoothing skin before holidays and also before applying self tan. The scrub contains Apricot extracts and natural exfoliants to gently exfoliate dull dry skin. I use a generous amount on exfoliating gloves a couple of times a week to give skin a deep clean. I also apply a lot of self tanning products so this is perfect to slough off dry skin ensuring an even tan. It is such a bargain too and retails at £5.49 in Boots. It is a definite competitor to some of the more expensive body scrubs I have tried in the past.

Bio – Oil

Finally, the amazing skin saviour ‘Bio Oil’ This all round miracle oil is perfect for use for several skin concerns including scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. I am a big fan of Bio Oil and used it throughout my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (which it did) and I also use it on my stomach now as I think it helps to firm the skin and keep it supple. I have a friend who swears by it as an aftersun product, she thinks it helps her tan last longer. I sometimes apply to my face before bed to give my face a moisture boost too. This product is an ‘all rounder’ for perfect summer skin!

Available at TK Maxx and other Chemists.



Coming next week in the Summer series: self tanners and products to get your feet ready for summer sandals!

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