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Although not strictly beauty related, I have bought some great items from Trinket Avenue, a new online jewellery retailer this week and I wanted to share them with you. Below are some of my picks from their latest arrivals.

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vintage ring
Flower necklace
classic pattern

‘Trinket Avenue’ is a young fashion accessories brand selling unique jewellery, scarves, bags and other items such a quirky key rings . Although Trinket Avenue is a new brand, it is becoming popular with the fashion conscious and trend aware customers who like to keep their look fresh and up to date.

The price points compared to the high street retailers are very reasonable and they are also offering free delivery as a Christmas treat for their customers. Their products include some of the latest accessories trending currently in fashion magazines and also popular with celebs! For example the skull scarves, statement tribal necklaces, Aztec earrings and stylish rings!

Trinket Avenue caught my attention with their ‘Winter Wars’ snood’s advertisements and I have since purchased this Grey snood (see picture below)  and also a cream skull motif scarf. The quality is great and I like the fact they have some really unique looking pieces.




I also have my eye on this gorgeous chunky collar necklace below (modelled very kindly by my friend Jess!)




They have some great pieces of jewellery and unique scarves and you can find them online at


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